Rotary Valve ZRD

Rotary Valve ZRD

Gentle gravimetric feeding of fragile, friable, abrasive or fibrous material

Where uniform discharge is critical, especially at very low rates, our vibratory feeders provide excellent gravimetric feeding of very free flowing bulk materials. Vibratory feeders have proven best for feeding fragile ingredients and problem materials such as fibers, glass fibers and also abrasive materials such as rough-grained powders and granules.

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» Pressure range
1.5 barg (21 psi) system and differential pressure

» Pressure surge proof
10 barg (145 psi), due to heavy duty design (ZPD 5 barg)

» ATEX (optional)
Usable in EX-Zones and as protection system (flameproof for dust ST2)

» Large inlet / outlet
Without restriction of the cross section for highest capacities

» Outboard bearings
Separated from product by purged seal arrangement and drop out opening