To monitor dust, powder and bulk solids from environmental and process control application
Detect movement of dry solids in a pipe to detect blockages
Having Electrostatic / Triboelectric Technology:
Smart Sensors– indicate probe fouling
Plug & Play – no set up
Auto Zero and Diagnostic
Multiple Outputs – Relay, 4-20mA, Digital (Modbus / Ethernet)

Triboelectric Particulate measurement can be used for almost all materials and is suitable for use with particle sizes varying from a few millimeters to sub-micron. Today’s most sensitive triboelectric measurement devices can baseline signals as low as 0.005mg/m3.

Triboelectric measurement is generally used in bag leak detectors to indicate relative changes in particular
concentrations. However, the triboelectric current is proportional to the mass concentration of the particulate; it can also be used as a quantitative monitor. The triboelectric signal must be correlated with a stack test to provide quantitative monitoring in Ibs/hr; mg/m3, or other specific value.

Latest Features of our Model: PM1-T / PM-1 Pro.

Increased sensitivity
Bluetooth Connectivity Device link pro for Android/IOS for remote access.
Basic Internal Datalogging.
Device Diagnostics (to Namur NE 107)
Teflon Coated Probes for Special applications
Wireless HART Communication
Superior signal filtering
Unified AC/DC systems for detection across 100% of the signal range for 100% of appropriate applications
Integrated parametric monitoring
Networked sensors and devices
Centralized monitoring and data collection
Easy integration with common factory automation systems
Streamlined compliance reporting
Enhanced compliance capabilities



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