IPF Bagging Systems

IPF Bagging Systems

IPF is Concetti’s fully automatic bagging system, designed specifically to fill and close small open-mouth and gusseted bags.
Its particularly compactsize means that the machine can be installed in any existing production area.

Our IPF is characterized by its great versatility, as it can work with gusseted, paper, coated paper and aluminum bags in a range of sizes, from 0.5 to 10 kg. This is because the various system components are self-adjusting in order to ensure optimum filling and perfect closing.

Our IPF can also be fitted with different bag-closing systems:

  • Simple sewn closing
  • Sewn closing with crepe tape
  • Sewn closing with adhesive tape
  • Hot-melt closing
  • Heat-sealing
  • Pinch-top closing

In order to minimize set-up times, format changes are handled automatically through the PLC: in about 90 seconds, the machine automatically adjusts the empty-bag storage trolley and the height of the belt conveyor, and it transmits the operating parameters to the weigher and to any closing, palletizing and wrapping systems that are installed.
Our IPF comes complete with inspection doors and safety devices that comply with the current EC regulations.

There are several different versions of the IPF, depending on the requested bagging speed:

IPF 25 up to 1000 bags/hour
IPF 40, with two bagging mouth, up to 2400 bags/hour
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