ETG 8500 BIO M

ETG 8500 BIO M

ETG’s new 8500 M is a complete package for biomethane gas analysis readyto use. The system includes a pre-treatment sample system( needed for very wet gases like Raw Bio- gas ), the gas analysers for measurement of CH4, H2S, CO2, O2, LHV, HHV, water dew point , relative density , Wobbe Index and ETG’s software, a 5.7” touchscreen display with alarms- on-screen, Digital Inputs and Digital outputs. Mounted in a stand-alone cabinet, ETG 8500 is ready to use. The system uses NDIR technology for CH4 and CO2, Paramagnetic sensor for O2, a special TDLAS analyzer for H2S and a capacitive sensor for Dew Point



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