Sensoline Handy – Argon Gas Detection

Sensoline Handy – Argon Gas Detection

Mobile, economic and easy in operation and calibration. Precise instrument to determine the gas concentration (e.g. Argon, Krypton) inside gas filled I.G. units (according to standard EN 1279-6)

  • precise and easy measurement of gas concentration within 10 seconds, with sampling volume < 12 ml
  • mobile, flexible, small and easy by modern digital microelectronics and battery power supply
  • easy set-up, only 3 seconds of warm-up time
  • easy push-button calibration without special test gas or sophisticated calibration routine in just 20 seconds
  • no mechanically sensitive, brittle parts
  • data memory (last 10 measurements)
  • precise electro-chemical solid state sensor, integrated pump, easy sampling-technique




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