H2S/ Total Sulfur Analyzers

H2S/ Total Sulfur Analyzers

Galvanic’s ProTech903TMGas Analyzers deliver fast, extremely sensitive and accurate analysis of H2S and total sulfur, arsine, phosphine, or phosgene, depending on which analyzer you choose.

The Protech903™ Family of Tape-Based H2S/ Total Sulfur Analyzers Can Improve Both Quality And Economics

  • Low detection limits and outperform all other analytical methods in the critical application range of 0 to 15 ppmv.
  • Easy remote-access capability and fast, accurate analyte-specific measurement – you have all you need to monitor critical
    parameter levels to improve product quality and lower costs, ensure pipeline, equipment, and public safety, or meet regulatory and contractual compliance targets.
  • Interference free and are not matrix dependent
  • Low total cost of ownership marks the ProTech903TM series as the highest-value tape-based analyzers on the market today.

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