Strain Viewer

SV-2000/3000 Strain Viewer is a large-field polariscope (circular or plane polarization) suitable for inspection of nearly any size product & for observation and evaluation of Residual stresses in transparent & translucent materials.
In clear and translucent polymers, residual strains become visible when viewed with the SV-2000 and SV-3000 Strain Viewers. The strains appear as a colorful fringe pattern, which reveals a wealth of information, in accordance with ASTM test methods.
Portable PSV Strain Viewer model also available for glass & plastic application.


Short Wavelength (SW) thermal imagers for measurement on metal surfaces, graphite and ceramics & For various Research application.
For measurement on metal surfaces at temperatures between600…3000°C.
As an option, there are several protective housings available..
Alternatively, the cameras can be built into individually designed housings or machines by system integrators.
For specific applications, additional lenses are available.


The DIAS-1600 Stress Analyzer uses digital imaging technology for stress inspection applications. This PC-based system is used for quality control, process control, failure analysis, product development, and research to ensure that residual stresses remain within specified limits. This package is ideal for products in which very low stresses can hamper product performance, such as optical components, lenses, compact disks, annealed parts, glass seals, TV glass, etc.
DIAS gives Quantitative retardation/birefringence or stress measurements in a user-friendly, menu-driven PC format & Easy visual inspection, eliminating errors and decisions based on the user’s visual judgement with Reproducible, accurate results & Automatic calibration.

Roller Wave

Strainoptics Roller Wave Gauges are used for measuring roller wave in accordance with Glass Association of North America (GANA) and other accepted test methods. Measured peak-to-valley depth and wave length values are used to calculate optical distortion using a simple equation or supplied tables. Strainoptics offers five high-quality roller-wave models with ‘flat-bottom’ or ‘3-point contact surfaces’.


The SCA-1500 on-line float glass Stress Scanner automatically measures and reports residual stress across the glass ribbon at the cold end of the float line. It features user-friendly PC-based operation, and requires no special operator skills or training. Field-proven technology and reliability have made the SCA-1500 the choice of the world’s leading primary glass manufacturers.
(Measures an unlimited range of measured retardation with resolution of 1 nm (15 psi in 1/8-inch glass), Speed of response (100 milliseconds), Capable of measuring retardation in materials as hot as 1000˚ C )


The Strainoptic LT-2100 Light Transmission Measurement System is a bench-top instrument that measures the percentage of light through any transmissive material, from 0-100%. Ideal for automotive glass applications, it conforms to ISO 3538 and ECE-R43 regulations. (range -0 to 100% Transitivity)


The VRP-100 Reflection Polarimeter System enables fast, accurate, and non-destructive measurement of residual stress in automotive windshields and other glass products containing black bands or painted areas. It permits accurate stress measurement within the black painted band, without the need for removing paint or making special parts.


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